Tri-Township School Corporation invites you to attend our schools!

We offer proven educational excellence in a small, safe, and nuturing environment. In addition, we now provide free bus service from neighboring school corporations!

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  • South LaPorte County Special Education Cooperative


    The South LaPorte County Special Education Cooperative is an organization that provides services to students in LaPorte Community Schools, New Prairie United School Corporation, Westville Schools, South Central Schools, and Tri-Township Schools. 

    All students are educated in the Least Restrictive Environment where their diverse learning needs are accommodated using differentiated curriculums as the focus of instruction. The district develops models of service delivery to meet the needs of students achieving equity for children with disabilities. They participate to the fullest extent possible in the school community.



  • "I like the relaxed environment here at LC and there is a larger sense of community.  Also, I like that each students gets a computer to extend our web knowledge.  LaCrosse is the boss."
  • "The best part about being a LaCrosse student is waking up every day being excited for school."
  • "Participating in the vocational program offered at LaCrosse has allowed me the opportunity to not only graduate on time but to get hands on experience in the field I plan to enter after graduation."
  • "LC is less stressful than other schools.  The teachers are kind and understanding.  I get along with all the teachers and students."