Delays and Closings

 Where are school closings and delays posted?  

A call, text and email are sent out to parents who have signed up for School Messenger notifications during registration. A notice is posted on the Tri Township website and the stop sign is changed to yellow for a delay or red for a closing. Local radio stations are also notified.

2. When are school closings and delays posted.  

As soon as the Superintendent makes the decision, the process begins. If the decision is made the evening before, the process begins that evening. If the decision is made early in the morning, the phone call, texts, and emails will be delayed until after 5:00 a.m. Please be aware that the decision to delay or close school is very dependent upon weather conditions. Changing weather conditions which might put your child(ren)’s safety at issue may result in a later notification of a delay or a delay being changed to a closing. Please also realize that conditions at your home location may be significantly different than those in another part of the district. The goal is to keep all children in the district safe.


The following radio stations will be contacted with the school news:

Radio Station


On Your Dial



105.5 FM / 1500 AM


Michigan City

95.9 FM


La Porte

96.7 FM / 1540 AM



99.3 FM / 1520 AM


The Pre-School classes will not meet on a 2-hour delay.

Bus drivers will have the discretion while running their routes to determine whether a road can be traveled safely. It may be necessary for a driver to eliminate part or all of their route rather than subject the students and driver to a hazardous situation.

For any two-hour delays, including Wednesdays, school will start at 10:00 a.m.