Growth Mindset

In its essence, Mindset, as presented by Dr. Carol Dweck, is about motivation.  There are two types of Mindset; Fixed and Growth.  

The person with a Fixed Mindset believes you are born with certain abilities, i.e. you're smart or you're not, you are athletic or uncoordinated.  These abilities are fixed and you cannot do anything to change them. This person has no motivation to try or keep on trying.
The person with a Growth Mindset believes your abilities can be developed, i.e. you may not get the correct answer the first time but if you keep working at the problem, you will get the solution.  This person is motivated to accomplish anything.

What do you believe?  Do you believe that hard work and perseverance will lead to accomplishment or do you believe that you are who you are and nothing is going to change that?

Take a look at this quick video and then explore Mindset.

This video talks about how the brain can actually grow.